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Sprint Review Meeting - SCRUM Ceremonies and Backlog Grooming (Part-04)

Updated: Feb 19

Objective To review the products in business aspect and make a conversation between the team and the other stakeholders (specifically with the PO) to make a better product.


Completed items during the sprint.

Reviewing the Completed Sprint Items


  • Sprint review meeting is time boxed and if the sprint duration is two weeks, duration of the sprint review meeting is suggested for maximum two hours for ideal scrum team (5-9 team members).

  • The key stakeholders to be participated for the meeting will be invited by PO (Eg: Organization officials).

  • Team shows the completed items during the sprint according to the AC.

  • Scrum Team will demonstrate what the work has been done and answer for the audience questions.

  • Further, Scrum team will explain the problems and issue in terms of implementation of agreed items and reason for not to complete any item (if any) agreed during the sprint planning.

  • Audience can assess and review the work has been done by the scrum team.

  • PO will explain the current backlog as it stand, project targets and delivery dates based on the progress to date.

  • PO will discuss with the audience about the next version of the product including improvements, alternative functions and team's suggestions.

  • Scrum Team will discuss/ review how the market place or potential use of product have changed and most valuable items to absorbed next.

  • Based on the discussion and assessing budget, timeline, internal team capabilities and market place, PO will get a rough idea about the next sprint.

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