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Sprint Retrospective Meeting - SCRUM Ceremonies and Backlog Grooming (Part-05)

Updated: Feb 19


Agile is about getting rapid feedback to make the product and development culture better. Retrospectives help the team understand what worked well–and what didn't.


Action item sheet of previous retrospective meeting/s, Completed items during the sprint, sprint velocity, Bug list, RCA report and burn-down chart

Sprint Retrospective Meeting

This would be one of the best places to understand the SCRUM values and how it applies


  • Suggested duration of the retrospective meeting is one hour for two weeks sprint for ideal scrum team (5-9 members).

  • Set the stage (usually by the Scrum Master) - Describe the purpose of the meeting - Describe what need to be shared in the discussion

  • Share the last retrospective meeting action item list and discuss the progress and status.

  • What went well ? Start the session on a positive note. Have each team member use green sticky notes to write down what they feel went well (one idea per sticky). As people post their stickies on the whiteboard, the facilitator should group similar or duplicate ideas together.

  • What need to be improved ? Same structure as above, but using pink or red stickies. Remind your team that this is about actions and outcomes – not about specific people.

  • Having identified what didn't go so well, what concrete actions can the team take to improve those things? Have your team use blue sticky notes to place ideas on the board. Group them and then discuss as a team, agree to which actions you will take, assign owners and a due date to get them DONE.

  • Since the retrospective is a open discussion for all, lesson learned during the previous sprint, occurred risks, infractions and any other problems experienced have to be highlighted. Further these items separately documented to refer for the future sprints.

  • Update the Risk/ lesson learned in required documents based on the retrospective meeting feedback.

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