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Sprint Planning Meeting - SCRUM Ceremonies and Backlog Grooming (Part-02)

Sprint Planning Meeting


To prepare the sprint backlog out of the product backlog and identify the goal of the sprint.


Refined backlog with story points and priorities, Sprint goals.

Sprint Planning Meeting


  • Duration of the meeting is timeboxed. The suggested maximum duration is 8 hours for 4 weeks sprint for ideal scrum team (5-9 team members).

  • The Scrum master has to find out the capacity (available hours) of the team for this particular sprint (Dev, QA, BA, Dev-Ops). To find the capacity of the team for the sprint, SM has to consider holidays and leave days of each and every team member.

  • Then break-down the available dev hours, QA hours, BA hours etc

  • The PO/BA explains the goals/road map for the sprint and the team can raise any question regarding the goals for more clarity.

  • The PO/BA takes the first item of the backlog which is the highest priority and less story point value item and explain the requirement to the team.

  • The team will discuss the requirement and ask questions if they need more clarity on that.

  • Thereafter, the team will get together and discuss the user story/PBI further to identify the tasks (granularize the user story) to complete it and subsequently the effort will be given. The effort for each task will be provided in hours.

  • All the user stories can be broken in to lower level tasks and provide the effort estimation. There are several ways of breaking the user story in to smaller tasks.

  • Task breakdown will be done by going through the priority user stories/PBIs from top to bottom till the point of entire capacity of the sprint is filled.

  • Items should be absorbed that fits to the available capacity only, as the target is to complete the planned items before the end of the Sprint duration.

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