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SCRUM Ceremonies and Backlog Grooming (Part-01)

It is time to dive into the deep end in SCRUM

In SCRUM, there are four(4) ceremonies.

  1. Sprint Planning Meeting

  2. Daily Stand Up

  3. Sprint Review

  4. Sprint Retrospective

Apart from these four, there is another important activity in SCRUM. That is Backlog grooming session.

Let's discuss Backlog Grooming Session first and then move to the SCRUM Ceremonies.

Backlog Grooming Session

Objective To make sure that the backlog items are up-to-date with priorities and story point values.


Items to be implemented as a part of the project scope, product roadmap.

Backlog Grooming Session


  • Suggested meeting duration is 30 to 60 minutes for ideal scrum team (5-9 team members).

  • The PO/BA explains if there is a new requirement or requirements. The PO/BA adds user story/stories to the backlog based on new requirements or requirement changes.

  • Each user story must have an acceptance criteria (AC). Whenever a user story is written, the PO/BA and the team collaboratively determines the AC for the user story.

  • If an item on the backlog does not contribute to the project's goal anymore, it should be removed.

  • If you start the process at very beginning, first you have to organize a backlog refinement meeting before moving in to the sprint planning. However, the backlog refinement meeting should be held during the first week of the sprint by focusing the next sprint.

  • Then backlog refinement meeting has to be organized with the internal team members. If all the people cannot participate, at least the key people such as TR, QAR and Scrum master should participate. The positive/negative feedback of these people will assist to refine the backlog further.

  • During the backlog refinement meeting the team will put a story point for each item. The team will use planning porker to determine the story point value for each item in the backlog. (As an alternative to the planning porker, team can use various other methods )

  • Update the priorities of each item in the backlog accordingly and identify the items for the Minimum Viable Product. Others can be prioritized based upon the MoSCoW rule.

  • Team has to identify high priority but less story point value items from the backlog. Then has to move them to the top of the backlog.

  • Share the backlog with stakeholders after every backlog grooming meeting. (Once in a sprint ideally)**Use Information Radiators to display the backlog** (To physically display)

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