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SCRUM - Before You Stepping In (Part-02)

Let's continue the session with another set of key factors of SCRUM

Team Structure

  • Dedicated Team You need to have a dedicated team. If your team members are shared with another project or projects (shared resource), there is a high chance for a failure.

  • Team Size Usually, SCRUM encourages to have 5 to 9 members team. If your team has more than 10 resources, there will be some team management issues. Specifically, there will be time consuming ceremonies and activities.

  • T-Shaped Resources These type of resources have a deep knowledge in a particular area (vertical line of 'T') and have a broad knowledge of other disciplines (horizontal line of "T").

SCRUM Prefers Feature Teams

Feature Team - Cross Functional

- The team is good enough to implement end to end functionality

Component Team

- Specialized around specific area (discipline)

- It will be required multiple component teams to implement end-to-end functionality.

SCRUM Team Roles

  • Product Owner The product owner is an individual who is accountable for the product backlog. He/She also needs to have a good/clear vision and mission of the product.

  • SCRUM Master The person who counter balance the product owner role. They always need to protect the team and the process.

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