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SCRUM - Before You Stepping In (Part-01)

Why don't we learn few key facts about SCRUM, before we jump into the deep-end.

SCRUM Slogan

Fail Fast Learn Fast

Scrum is one of the most famous agile development methodologies in our current industry. The Scrum framework allows teams to deliver product/project milestones as small pieces which improve the quality of the deliverable. After each Sprint the team review their deliverables with the other stake holders (specifically with the PO) to get their feedback. This is why we can use Fail Fast Learn Fast slogan in SCRUM.

Three Pillars of SCRUM (TIA)

  • Transparency Each and every stakeholder has a clear visibility in all aspects of the project. This can be achieved by sharing information radiators (scrum artifacts) such as updated product/project backlog, sprint task board, burn down chart etc with required stakeholders as per the need.

  • Inspection The team and the other stakeholders can do regular checks on information radiators and do the necessary changes if required. As well as in the Sprint review meeting, the team can share the Sprint deliverable with the client/product owner and get his/her feedback.

  • Adaptation This is where the team and other stakeholders can focus on continuous improvements based on the inspection. By doing so, the team will deliver a quality product and eventually that will increase the client and the employee satisfaction.

In SCRUM, Scope is Flexible But the Time and Cost are Fixed

SCRUM Values

There are five Scrum values

  1. Focus Each member has a clear goal and commitment throughout the Sprint and they need to focus on them to achieve without any issues.

  2. Courage In Scrum, requirement changes could happen at any given time. The team always need to welcome them even though it seems hard.

  3. Respect It is all about team performance and each member need to know strength and weaknesses of others and help them if required.

  4. Openness Everyone's commitments, goals, strengths and weaknesses are open to everyone. We can monitor the information radiators (inspect) and help if anyone is struggling to achieve something.

  5. Commitment Within a Sprint you can clearly define your tasks by breaking them done to smaller chunks. Then, you know what exactly your commitment within the Sprint. You need to be committed yourself to achieve them without any delays or deviations.

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